All of our products are shipped directly to your home in eco-friendly boxes that you can recycle with us. If you find anything amis, just let us know. We’ll replace it for free.

We offer a way to save big by 6 and 12 month advance pay options, protecting your financial interest

You will feel protected knowing your food was raised in the most natural, humane and sustainable way, never sacrificing quality always ensuring the highest of practices.

Our process has been passed down from generation to generation and we continue to take pride in how we get our land, crops and animals ready for you and your family.  This year we planted Cherry, Peach and Apple trees to add value to our supportive customers.  Next year, we plan on putting in more grape vines for table grapes. 

As a 4th generation hog producer/farmer, having learned from my Grandfather Freddie Ronquillo,  I am proud our children are continuing the tradition albeit they have taken their own interest in another sector of the industry, they individually breed and manage their own Show Pig herds for 4H and FFA throughout the State.


We only reap the finest for you and your family. By hand-selecting the very best of our herd, crops and orchards we guarantee freshness and quality.  We only raise what we need to fulfill our orders, so we ask that you let us know if you plan on a Holiday Turkey, Ham, or Roaster pig for your next celebration. 

We are able to accommodate most orders, however some items are out of stock due to the high demand for sustainable, pastured, humanely raised products.  We ensure only the highest of manufacturing and processing procedures, protocols, and standards. 




All of our crops are treated with a pesticide-free agent that repels pests in a natural way. We take a very hands-on approach to all of our crops,and animals so you and your family can eat without concern.